Planning and Consulting

In an age of managed care, quality assurance circles and rapid progress in the field of minimally invasive techniques the future has already begun today. This future vision invariably also means investment in human resources and technology.

Limits on financial resources in the healthcare sector and increasingly complex documentation and settlement procedures mean that decisions on such investments are becoming increasingly important, but at the same time more and more difficult.

Investition and future – two concepts that have now become more important than ever before. For only those who make the right investments today will be in a position to reap the benefits of those investments tomorrow.

Having devoted particular attention to the demand for competent and fair advice, Aesculap has continually expanded this area of service. Workable planning for hospital surgical departments depends partly on sound analyses of the actual situation in and around the operating theatre.

Plans to expand, strengthen or restructure facilities can only be addressed properly if you are, for example, aware of the current status of your instruments.

Indeed, if new long-term objectives are envisaged, there is no alternative to a detailed appraisal of the status quo. This is where our Aesculap planning and advice team can help. We analyse the quality, condition and further usability of your present set of instruments quickly, thoroughly, competently and independently. We then work with you to develop facility criteria indicating the most efficient way to put your plans into practice.

Although every hospital and dental practice has its own individual problem profile, there are standard situations applicable to the planning of operating theatre instrument trays. Aesculap can call upon decades of data, into creating a useful tool to provide you with fast, practical solutions to problems – a surgical instrument ‘library’, that you can fall back on if and when the specific need arises.

We have given the utmost priority to ensuring that our planning and advice enables you to take your decisions on a basis of maximum certainty.

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